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Tacoma Council 2001-2009


  • Deputy Mayor - 2005
  • Chair, Public Safety and Human Services
  • Member, Economic Development Committee
  • Member, Environment and Public Works Committee
  • Member, Joint Municipal Action Committee
  • Member, Council Appointments Committee
  • Council Representative, Tacoma / Pierce County Health Department
  • Council Representative, Economic Development District – Prosperity Partnership
  • Council Representative, Law & Justice Committee
  • Council Representative, Washington State Traffic Commission
  • Council Representative, Executive Board Member - Family Justice Center
  • Council Representative, Urban Waters Board of Directors
  • Alternate, Law Enforcement Support Agency Board

City Council Accomplishments

Public Safety

  1. Sponsored new Domestic Violence policies for city employees
  2. Sponsored new Domestic Violence policy for the Tacoma Police Department
  3. Supported state legislation to require the development of DV policies in law enforcement departments
  4. Promoted the development of the Family Justice Center by gaining Council support, securing funding, and facilitating the inter-local agreement with Pierce County.
  5. Sponsored a resolution requesting the Department of Corrections to initiate strategies to promote the development of specialized offender programming in counties outside of Pierce. (The start of fair share)
  6. Instituted joint meetings with the Tacoma City Council’s Public Safety and Human Services Committee and Pierce County Council’s Public Safety and Human Services Committee as well as representatives from the City Council of Lakewood resulting in the development of:
    • Pierce County Regional Vice-Task Force – Formed in Spring, 2005, this task force is working to provide a comprehensive regional strategy to address prostitution by employing best known practices that increase the risks and accountability for all who promote, participate and sustain street prostitution
    • Intergovernmental Task Force –This task force develops policies and actions that promote the fair and equitable distribution of high needs, high-risk populations and their supporting services at key leverage and intervention points. The task force will propose strategies to implement regional planning and operating agreements among key partners to support effective management of our high needs citizenry – moving from crisis response to one of increased collaboration, control, and effective management
  7. Sponsored an ordinance that was adopted that strengthens Tacoma’s existing laws regarding the sale of drug paraphernalia.
  8. Sponsored an ordinance that was adopted that allows the selling of dangerous weapons to take place only in specialty stores taking them out of our local small neighborhood markets.
  9. Responding to neighborhood concerns, worked with the Police Department to designate the Pacific Avenue corridor as a SOAP area. (Stay Out of Area of Prostitution), a tool for judges to use when sentencing prostitution
  10. Secured funding to fully staff the Police Department
  11. Worked with and supported the development of the Police Department’s Gang Initiative
  12. Secured funding to re-establish the Police Department’s Gang Task force
  13. Sponsored an ordinance that was adopted to allow the implementation of Red Light cameras with the provision that they be placed at high accident intersections as an accident reducing tool and not to generate revenue.
  14. Responding to neighborhood and school concerns, worked with the Police to increase traffic patrols and establish digital speed reduction signs in school zones
  15. As a founder of a local neighborhood crime and safety group, recognizing the importance and need of community mobilization, protected funding for Safe Streets Campaign ensuring its continued work in the city’s higher crime neighborhoods
  16. Initiated and secured Council support and funding for a youth violence reduction program to work with middle school students at risk of gang involvement
  17. Promoted and secured Council support to provide police officers to be located in each of the five high schools.
  18. Expanded Anti-Discrimination Ordinance to include “Sexual Orientation”

Economic Development

  1. Promoted continued development in the City’s downtown core
  2. Promoted continued support of the 10-year tax abatement program
  3. Promoted continued support of the development of Thea Foss Waterfront
  4. Developed policies that do not inhibit the future development of the Port and still allows for development on the East side of Thea Foss Waterfront
  5. Successfully funded and completed the first phase of the Water Ditch Trail a trail system that will connect South Tacoma with the downtown core
  6. A member in “Prosperity Partnership,” a regional, collaborative approach to economic development. The Prosperity Partnership - a coalition of government, business, labor and community leaders from King, Kitsap, Pierce, and Snohomish counties - is developing a strategy and taking critically important action toward a shared goal: long-term economic prosperity and 100,000 new jobs for the central Puget Sound region.
  7. Successfully worked on improving planning for the City’s Mixed Use areas (which include our neighborhood Business Districts) to allow for more density and thereby increasing and improving the customer base


  1. Reviewed and updated the City’s Nuisance Code
  2. Sponsored new annual Business license and fee for renting or leasing real property. This license is a tool for holding landlords accountable for conditions and activities on their properties.
  3. Supported the development of “Gas Station Park”
  4. Worked to reinstate the abandoned auto program
  5. Established the “Filthy Fifteen,” identifying up to 15 of the worst nuisance and enforcement sites throughout Tacoma. These sites have a priority status in achieving clean up.
  6. Established Community Base Service areas, a collaboration between the City government and community members, to first identify problems in their neighborhoods and then provide the city services to correct those problems. The first CBS area was in the Edison area and has achieved much success at cleaning up blight and nuisance properties, slowed down speeding traffic on neighborhood streets and improved citizen involvement.
  7. Secured Council support and adopted Complete Streets, a policy that provides the establishment of sidewalks, bike lanes, lighting, and landscaping to be done initially in the neighborhood business districts.
  8. Refocused city funds to have an ongoing effort to repave city streets
  9. Secured additional money to help fund community projects including the Stewart Heights Park regional pool and the Topping HOPE Center Boys and Girls Club, and new South end community center


  1. Spearheaded and led the efforts for a community-wide focus on education including focus groups, conversation cafes and a community summit.
  2. Coordinated and facilitated strategic planning efforts with the City of Tacoma, Tacoma School District and Metropolitan Park District creating Tacoma 360, an alignment of services for students and families to better their educational opportunities.
  3. Created and implemented a multi-government Violence Prevention Initiative for students at risk of gang involvement,
  4. Introduced the concept of becoming a City of Promise to fellow Council members and successfully persuaded the Council to adopt a resolution becoming a City of Promise.
  5. Led policy discussions that resulted in strategic policy direction to encourage cross-collaboration of community groups and interdepartmental responses to community problems.

Environment and Public Works

  1. Successfully funded and completed the first phase of Water Ditch Trail a pedestrian/biking trail system that will connect South Tacoma with the downtown core
  2. Funded the re paving of Pacific Avenue from South 7th to South 17th Streets
  3. Increased funding for roadway and streetscape improvements in many of our business areas
  4. Supported Downtown Redevelopment Streetscape Project. The improvement include:
    • a new public square,
    • street lighting,
    • roadway enhancements,
    • utility upgrades,
  5. Advocated and secured funding for sidewalk replacement and other pedestrian improvements
  6. Successfully proposed sustainability efforts and policies, including the development of the Commission on Sustainability.
  7. Proposed and secured adoption of “green elements” to be integrated into the City’s Complete Streets policy
  8. Secured Council support to study the impacts of pollution on Wapato Lake
  9. Reviewed and adopted adjustments to the City’s street trees policies

Human Services:

  1. Led policy discussions that resulted in strategic policy direction to encourage cross-collaboration of community groups and interdepartmental responses to community problems.
  2. Adopted “10 Year Plan to end Chronic Homelessness”
  3. Introduced “Encampment eradication plan” utilizing elements of Housing First, and placing people living in encampments into permanent housing.
  4. Adopted strategies to focus on life skills, housing and shelter, and youth programs in the Human Services grant funding