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State House of Representatives, 2011-2012

Legislative Committees

  • Vice Chair, Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness
  • Member, General Government Appropriations
  • Member, Transportation Committee
  • Member, K-12 Education Committee

State Accomplishments (brief examples)

Public Safety

  1. Enhanced sentencing for those convicted of assaults against court-related employees ensuring their safety while doing their jobs
  2. Authorization for counties to establish and operate juvenile gang courts with a focus on providing evidence based programs to the youth to assist the youth from leaving the gang lifestyle.
  3. Established prohibition of the duplication of child pornography in the discovery process in a criminal prosecution protecting the child of further victimization
  4. Keeping our roads safer by boosting the jail time to 3 days for driving under the influence (DUI)
  5. Established a committee to research best practices to address school bullying


  1. Secured $6.7million dollars for Interchange Justification Report to be done on 7 interchanges on I-5 along Joint Base Lewis McCord that will enable to State to secure Federal funding
  2. Secured #3 million dollars for Hwy 167 completion between the Port of Tacoma and Meridian
  3. Participated on the Hwy167 Tolling Feasibility Study group (ongoing) to determine whether tolling fits into the funding plan for the future build out of the 167 completion.
  4. Reviewed future funding needs for Department of Transportation and established a fee structure to fund some projects, including funding opportunities for local jurisdictions
  5. Established a “Complete Streets Grant Program” to encourage local governments to adopt urban arterial retrofit street ordinances to provide safe access to all users including all forms of multi-modal transportation.

Economic Development

  1. Strengthened Washington’s Regulatory Fairness Act requires rule-makers to consider ways to reduce the costs of proposed rules to businesses
  2. Increased the number of state contracts awarded to in-state small businesses by directing all state purchasing agencies to adopt plans and provide technical assistant to local businesses.
  3. Supported a property tax exemption for nonprofit organization that lease space for job training, job placement or pre-employment services.
  4. Established new guidelines to ensure that Associate Development Organization (ADO’s) to assist in outreach to all businesses in their service areas. Efforts will focus on business and export related services. And expansion of sales through exports.
  5. Secured the authority to for counties to exempt from property taxation new and rehabilitated multiple-unit dwelling in certain unincorporated urban growth areas.

Connie also worked on and supported k-12 education, human service and environmental legislation.