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Pierce County Council 2013-current

Council Committees

  • Chair, Economic & Infrastructure Development Committee (current)
  • Member, Public Safety and Human Services Committee (current)
  • Member, Performance Audit Committee (current)
  • Member, Community Development (2013-2015)

External Committees

  • Board of Directors, Washington State Association of Counties
  • Legislative Steering Committee, Washington State Association of Counties
  • Board of Directors, Tacoma, Pierce County Health Board
  • Board of Trustees, Broadway Center for the Performing Arts
  • Joint City-County Open Space Determination Board
  • Joint Municipal Action Committee
  • Board of Directors, Chair, Public Facilities District
  • Transfer of Development Rights
  • Alliance for a Healthy South Sound (2013-2015)
  • Justice Center Planning Committee (2015)
  • Pierce County Flood Control Zone Board of Supervisors

County Council Accomplishments (brief examples)

Public Safety and Human Services

  1. Provided resources to our Sheriff, Prosecutor and Jail Operations to establish a property crimes unit.
  2. Supported a “jail audit” in order to improve jail operations and determine efficient funding streams.
  3. Introduced and received Council support and funding for an analysis of the Mental Health system to determine needs and gaps in services in order to determine how best the County can serve those with mental health issues.
  4. Established and funded a Superior Court Mental Health Court and supportive services in District Court for mental health offenders.
  5. Established and funded a pre-trial services program in Superior Court, diverting arrestees from jail to community supervision, resulting in cost savings in the jail.
  6. Continued funding for our historically successful drug court.
  7. Supported and funded the continuation of family court, allowing for the reunification of children and their parents.

Infrastructure Development

  1. Continued funding for a county wide Sewer treatment facility to increase capacity and improve treatment with a cost effective and environmentally responsible sewer system
  2. Completed Pierce County’s Surface Water Management plan in order to reduce pollutant run off water into our streams, rivers, and bays
  3. Worked with Governor Gregoire to secure funding for Chambers Bay’s north dock pier extension and floating moorage project to remove pilings, restore shoreline and construct a new dock
  4. Continued funding for Canyon road improvement, a freight mobility project
  5. Advocated and secured funding for Safe Routes to schools, a sidewalk initiative that provides sidewalk installation and other pedestrian improvements in school zones
  6. Add other road projects
  7. Ferrys rate study

Economic Development

  1. Supported the facilitation and implementation of US Open, a national golf tournament that resulted in over $130 million dollars in economic benefit to our region
  2. Aerospace – how many businesses/employees
  3. Other business development, how many/support (incentives, i.e. tax, infrastructure

Community Development

  1. Completed a Comprehensive Land Use Plan that provides for strategic growth in our County
  2. Completed a Shorelines Management Plan in order to reduce negative development impacts to our shoreline to protect sea life and results in more pristine waterways
  3. Funded an Agriculture Resources Lands assessment to determine the areas of our County that will be designated agriculture lands and provide protections for those lands.
  4. Established a Property Abatement Program to address blight in our communities
  5. Supported an inter-local agreement with Pierce County, University Place, and Lakewood to develop a plan for a trail system through Chambers Creek canyon
  6. Other parks info – strategic plan