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Issues & Priorities


Transportation is more than cars on our roads. It is about getting people to and from their jobs, providing corridors for walking and biking, intercity transit, road design and maintenance and controlling traffic. Pierce County should be thought of as the central hub for planning and coordinating with cities within our boundaries and between us and bordering counties. Our transportation system has to be a seamless system in order to move people and freight quickly and efficiently. The County Public Works department should continue to work with the Puget Sound Regional Council’s Regional Travel Demand Forecasting Model. It should also be encouraged to research and utilize best practices and sustainable materials for roads and intersections.

Pierce County Government should take the lead in advocating and supporting regional transportation projects. I have been actively involved in securing funding for the I-5 corridor along Joint Base Lewis McCord interchange justification report and Hwy 167 extension project. By working with the Governor, the Chair of the House Transportation Committee, local jurisdictions and other stakeholders, I was successful in securing nearly 7 million dollars for I-5/JBLM and 3 million dollars for Hwy 167. Both of these projects are key in moving freight both north and south, important to our local economic development. I will continue these types of efforts on the Pierce County Council.

Local transportation needs cannot be ignored. Improved roads, support of transit, planning for non-motorized transportation – biking and walking, developing safe routes to schools, enhancing the Main Street program, ensuring concurrent development are areas that will result not only in an improvement in quality of life but also a reduction in fuel consumption, relieve in traffic congestion, improved air quality, and heightened physical activity and health.