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I am finishing up my first term on the Pierce County Council and am looking forward to continue to serve you. There are many issues that I hear from the public that our County needs to address but three rise to the top of everyone priorities: mental health, economic development, and public safety. When elected nearly four years ago, I recognized that the growing population of mentally ill was a great concern. The Republican majority on the Council have been reluctant to address this issue and only recently have agreed to an analysis of the Mental Health system that I proposed. We will be able to determine the needs and gaps in the system and will be better informed to respond. We will also have the data to go to Olympia to make our case for additional support for local efforts.

I believe that sound economic development decisions will lead to developing, growing, and sustaining businesses. Collaborative efforts between city governments and county government to recruit business will result in good jobs and a strong economy. Moving Pierce County to be the leader in the South Sound is my priority. I plan to bring together our local governments, businesses – both large and small – education leaders, workforce development institutions, and leaders from labor to determine the best strategy to support and grow existing businesses and bring new businesses to our County. 

Making sure our communities are safe and our citizens are healthy is what everyone is looking for and deserves. Our justice system must be assured that they will receive the necessary resources for them to respond to crime so that we can be assured that we can live, work and play in safe communities. But hiring more cops is not the only answer. I support a more proactive approach to public safety that keeps people out of the justice system while focusing our police forces on the worst criminal activity. I have supported our Superior Court mental health court, family drug court and drug court, pre-sentence releases (bail with monitoring). I also have supported our District Court’s emphasis on mental health offenders that provides enhanced probation services. These types of programs not only keeps these offenders out of jail, a very costly approach, but gets them into programs that often reduces reoffending saving money to the tax payer and making our communities safer. 

I am asking for your support and vote this November. The people of Pierce County need to have people in elected office that have a vision for their future. I believe in Pierce County and its future and want to continue to work for you and our County.


Connie Ladenburg